Our group works in four important areas of the gaming industry.
We design and produce slots, video game terminals lotteries and multi posts electronic roulettes.
We develop and implement game terminal management systems.
Our software fits the jurisdictional needs specifically to provide the operator with gaming security, accuracy and reliability required by the regulatory authority and standards accounting.
We develop games. Our library is constantly growing.
We offer consulting and organizational sustainability to various companies in the industry.

• Products


Oasis designs and produces multipost electronic roulettes, with manual or automatic operation and up to 2 dishes. The system can accommodate up to 64 terminals and has an administration software included.

 » VLT

   Roulette / Poker / Mexicana2 / Rock & Roll

• Systems

» Online administration and station control
The VTL system gives you the opportunity to monitor and control your entire network of game in real time. From the central server located at the lottery, you have instant access to all the machines on your network, this affect you can define any aspect of game terminals, for example:
. Place names
. Authorize the types of devices and terminals of the game that you want to allow to be part of your network.
. The connection status of each terminal on your network will be visible at a given time.
. No matter if you want to add terminals to your network or discard them, this can be done from a single device with the touch of a button.

» Online betting systems

We have a platform for online games with international standards.
We can adapt to the needs of any operator.
Our platform offers:
. A system of administration and control completely flexible and customizable.
. Wide variety and availability of games and online gambling.
. Possibility of adding new elements of entertainment.
. Interactivity
We invite you to contact us to make a demonstration live.

Click here to view some screens presenting system.

• Services

» Organizational consulting for gaming companies 
Entertainment industry goes through a process of change, consolidation and expansion and is in this environment that we have organized groups specific to this sector, in order to deliver services and develop tailor-made solutions for the companies that make up the industry. Our professional teams are in constant training to keep abreast of emerging and evolving issues posed by the environment.

Our areas of expertise are divided into three sectors for rooms and game:
1. Improvement of current revenue
2. Improvement of current processes
3. Investment and growth in the gaming halls  and customer loyalty
4. Sustainability strategies

In order to plan the tasks based on the needs of our customers and in a timely and efficient manner , we´ll evaluate and study all the areas of the company. Therefore, we make sure that there is excellent coordination between the different areas of expertise in the provision of professional services.


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